Digital Marketing and the Mobile Platform – It’s Always On


Digital Marketing trends and the ways in which they are delivered are rapidly proving to be elastic to the success of digital brand recognition. Changing market conditions, multiple marketing channels, and competitive activities produce consumer responses that drive business outcomes literally at the speed of light. A message has to be optimized, syndicated and tagged appropriately, and once the message is put into the market, the outcomes need to be measured, the models validated and course corrections need to be continuous in order to achieve the desired results. But what about the platform or delivery model? A lot of effort goes into the technical aspect of creating the brand story, but one should consider the significant importance of the platform delivery.

In her blog, Nikki Gilliland (@Nikki_Gilliland) talked about current research showing that when it comes to executing a streamlined digital strategy that many are lagging behind in mobile platform delivery which is inhibiting the customer experience.

A short video by Hoppin Online Marketing (@hoppinonline) summarizes the intensity that smart phone mobile devices have in our lives. People don’t wait for the information they need and then go home to look it up on the family PC. Tech users expect to have it at their fingertips when and where they need it. Digital marketing has to be at the cutting edge use of mobile deployment and optimization to leverage today’s smart digital user.


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