Who’s The Next Olympic Brand Hero?


The Rio Olympics are just around the corner, and with that comes grand stories of athletes who overcame the odds to be the best athlete in the world. But does that translate into endorsement deals for these athletes? Jeanette Mulvey of the BusinessNewsDaily has some specific criteria that athletes need to meet for them to be a successful brand ambassador:

  • The athlete is a high achiever. “Multiple Olympics or multiple medals are better than one,” Gwinner said. Think Michael Phelps.
  • Consumers believe the athlete believes in the product and is not doing it only for money. Mary Lou Retton, anyone?
  • The athlete is well-known and has an easily recognizable name. Remember USA Gymnastics’ “Fab Five”?
  • The athlete has a likable personality and is admired.
  • The athlete is visually recognizable. “This means beyond recognizing the name, will the consumer also recognize a picture of the athlete,” Gwinner said.
  • The athlete is physically attractive.


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These are important factors to pick the right Olympian endorser, but does this actually make a difference? Lucia Moses at AdWeek found that having an Olympic endorser may actually hurt sales.

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So, with the Rio Olympics coming up fast will the grand story and the athlete endorser impact your decision to buy what they are selling?