Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and the IV Vitamin Drip: The Celebrity Effect on Social Media Marketing

What if there was a product that could offer a quick fix for the common cold, cure the dreaded hangover after a long night out, give you an energy boost after pulling an all-nighter on your presentation, or just generally help you feel better and younger?

Sounds too good to believe, right? Then, add the celebrity endorsement power of Rihanna, Madonna, Adele, Kim Kardashian, Simon Cowell, along with many other talented athletes and artists who have been seen using these products and espousing their benefits on social media, and these factors combine to create a powerful strategy for IV vitamin therapy companies to promote their services.

Why does it matter if celebrities are seen on social media using your products? Let’s explore the celebrity effect upon companies.  

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What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

First off, what the heck is the IV Vitamin Therapy? Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers liquid substances into a vein and is the fastest way to deliver medication, vitamins and fluids throughout the body. IV therapy began in the 1830’s and became widely used in the healthcare industry after the 1950s. IV vitamin therapy is also referred to as vitamin drips. Typically, only 40% of over-the-counter vitamins ingested orally is absorbed into your body while vitamins administered intravenously will absorb at 99.9%.

Over the last few decades, companies have begun to offer IV vitamin therapy at spas specifically designed to provide these services and with mobile services at homes or concerts. Originally marketed as a hangover cure, these companies have now expanded the appeal of their product to include remedies for allergies, anxiety, depression, fatigue, colds and flu, along with being heralded as one of next big beauty treatments.

Incredible, right? These are amazing claims, but alas, scientific research has not quite caught up to validate these claims or to evaluate the safety of regularly receiving these treatments. You should consult a medical provider prior to jumping on the Kardashian IV Therapy bandwagon.

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The Celebrity Effect

Does seeing a celebrity using a product affect a consumer’s purchasing decision? Yes, it does. One Taiwanese study showed that consumers remembered products associated with a celebrity better than other products. If you happen to be a fan of that celebrity, you’re more likely to place a higher value on that product. Your subconscious suggests to you that using the product is a way to emulate that celebrity’s desirable traits.

Does this mean that I’m going to run to the store to get one of the newest endorsed product by Ryan Reynolds, Aviation Gin? Not necessarily. Seeing your product used on social media by a celebrity mainly builds consumer confidence, preference and brand awareness through social media — especially when your target may include the social media savvy Generation Zers and Millennials.

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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Remember Rihanna’s backlash at Snap Chat on Instagram? Stock prices dipped after the backlash but the company regained its losses later that week.  While this only had short term effect, it does not help the company’s image in the court of public opinion, especially with losing support of an influential celebrity in Snap Chat’s targeted market segment.

Does it work?

Yes, celebrity social media endorsements do contribute to the perceived value of a product or service. According to a report from Marketwatch, a simple brand signing of a celebrity or athlete can increase sales by an average of 4%. The social media presence of a celebrity using a product contributes to consumers’ trust and brand awareness, and promotes your product while influencing consumer purchase intentions.

Is this another Kardashian endorsed prepaid credit card? Will we see a resurgence in Trump Steaks and be happily grilling them over Labor Day weekend? Or brushing our teeth with a Justin Beiber singing toothbrush with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen AquaFresh toothpaste? Hold on… having a celebrity endorsement does not guarantee your product or marketing strategy is successful.

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Keep in mind that celebrity endorsements are not enough to guarantee success in attracting new consumers or gaining acceptance in an emerging market. Gaining the endorsement of Justin Beiber or Rihanna may not necessarily matter to the consumers in your targeted market segment.  Companies must continue to demonstrate their value to consumers and show them how they’re providing benefits and value in real and tangible ways.

Samosas For Dummies

Store bought frozen samosas? No way Jose! (Or Jas, Vjay, Sanjay…). That’s serving injustice to the small triangle shaped appetizer, you don’t want to be THAT person. Be ready to impress your friends and family at the next get together by following the steps in the video below. Psttt…I’ve gone ahead and simplified the recipe for you, it’s easy as spelling your name backwards. No one will know if it took you a couple of hours (usual time) or 30 mins #winning.

Little World Travelers!

Known to be one of the most popular appetizers for Punjabis, we literally eat them at any time of the day, I mean why would you skip on the opportunity?! Interestingly enough, samosas are one food that have traveled far, with its origin in Egypt as samsa (named after the pyramids in Central Asia), making their way to India. Throughout generations and traveling through several different cultures, samosas have created a special place in everyone’s heart as they are easily customizable to each culture. Most popular stuffings include chicken, meat, vegetables and chickpeas. Once you master making a potato vegetarian samosa (simple as they get), get creative and substitute with your favorite stuffing! Enough reading, let’s get to making the actual appetizer! #putyourchefhaton


Running a business like Beyoncé

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is the definition of an international brand. She’s sold 75 million albums, won 17 Grammys, has an estimated net worth of $350 million was Forbes’ 2014 “World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” list and made Time’s “100 Most Influential People”.

So, what can we do to run our business like Beyoncé?

  1. Video, video, video! Video is the future of marketing and nobody does it like Beyoncé. There is an emphasis on video in marketing and she even inspired Pharrell Williams with his 24 hour music video.
  2. Build your community. Beyoncé has a community of fans called the BeyHive who are promoting the artist and strengthening her brand. In return they are getting the inside scoop on tours, concert tickets, merchandise, and more!
  3. Turn your brand into a lifestyle. Beyoncé isn’t just a musician, she is a lifestyle. She provides her fans a variety of brand connections beyond her music and your brand can live outside its means.
  4. Craft a good story. Whether you believe it was thoughtfully crafted or real, the sequence of events surrounding the rumored cheating by husband Jay-z turned into a very lucrative business.

And for some businesses, Beyoncé ends up getting involved! Here’s how WTRMLN WTR launched their brand the same day “Drunk In Love” was released and was later meeting with the Queen B about investing.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out her latest video, here is a little viewing treat!

Free Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

As we covered in Just Because You’re a Millennial Doesn’t Mean You’re a Social Media Wizard,  social media is ever changing and so are the tools we use to express ourselves. Here are some outstanding free tools that set your social media presence to the next level.


Usage: Create new images for your web and social media presence. It has thousands of templates and millions of images to choose from.

Features: Animate designs with Crello for free. Whether you have a design team or not, faster is better.


Usage: This is an editing tool to create stories on Instagram and Snapchat, allowing you to add text and upload videos. You can make stories in advance, email them to yourself, and post them when it’s convenient for you.

Features: Keeping a publishing schedule is a challenge. I like this tool to prep stories in advance.


Usage: Are you sending blogs and newsletters on Facebook Messenger? Are you running a campaign with a strong Facebook presence? Now you can send up to 1000 messages a month for free.

Features: Like many new marketing tools, you can track and review your performance in the same place.

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Profit-Driven Marketing’s Embrace of “Real” Beauty

We’re living in a period of social backlash following the Age of Photoshop. Like many, my tweenage and teenage years were spent devouring images of airbrushed models and feeling impossibly out of touch with what I was “supposed” to be. Marketing tactics at the time fed on these insecurities successfully funneled our babysitting cash directly into the Health and Beauty aisle at CVS.

This multi-billion-dollar industry pushed thinness, whiteness, clear skin, sleek hair and purposely promoted these images to make women question whether they were enough. Is that a no? You should probably buy this Dolce & Gabbana perfume then, it evokes scents of “perfect calves” and “I guess I just have good skin genes!”. You’ll feel so beautiful wearing it.

The past few years however, I’ve been watching this tactic shift. Instead of showing us something unattainable that we know we’ll never look like, companies are showing us a more realistic portrayal of their products. Cult-favorite Glossier populates their social media feeds with close-ups of their makeup on people’s faces with visible pores, shine, uneven skin etc. They make an effort to represent a wide range of skin tones and body types so that people can look at these photos and think “Ah, that is how that would actually look on someone like me”. Glossier’s disruptive entry into the beauty industry and exponential growth  is widely contributed to their warm, inclusive, “real” social media presence and content-first marketing approach.

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The same goes for Aerie, the lingerie and swimsuit brand owned by American Eagle that refuses to Photoshop its images. Aerie has been wildly successful in its #AerieREAL campaign which encourages all women to send in photos wearing their swimsuits to be featured on social media to break down the singular idea of a bikini body. There’s a reason Victoria’s Secret dominated lingerie and swimwear in the early 2000’s and 2010’s and there’s a reason Aerie has been stealing the show in recent years. The reason is pretty simple: We’re sick of marketing that makes us feel like s***.

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This is a new movement, and for some it is legitimate. But it’s also a trend. And like all trends, it can and will be exploited by executives looking hungrily at their bottom line. Once again, this brings into question the idea of ethical consumption under capitalism. So Aerie is normalizing body positivity through their marketing, and that’s wonderful and you want to support that, right? But are those values reflected and truly felt throughout their corporate culture? If you walked in to an Aerie store, could you really find sizes bigger than large? Are those feel-good Instagram posts actually being crafted by a bunch of dudes in suits trying to tap into the latest way to get you to part with your money?

As usual, the burden falls on the consumer to decide whether we’re moving in the right direction. Exhausting, isn’t it?

Are GIFs the golden ticket to social media promotion?

If you enjoy GIF’s as much as Monica loves this cake, then follow our guide to upping your “GIF Game” and grab the attention of your target audience via social media platforms!

Sometimes all it takes is getting your audience to your page…these are definitely the a-typical ways to do it!


Looking to promote a BIG or EXCITING SALE? This epic rafting attempt could do just the trick!


Are you a sports equipment store? This could be the perfect way to gauge potential customers. Begin by asking if “they are adequately prepared for their next adventure?” 😉


Here’s an unconventional way to attract (and lighten the likely mood too) the attention of tax return clients. “Do you feel overwhelmed that taxes are jumping out of no where?”

Trying to claim her chair. from Unexpected


Do you offer beauty products? This might not be the result customers look for, but certainly could grab the attention of their funny bone.

A little eyebrow thinning from instant_regret


Trying to promote summer specials for your gym? Father-baby belly dancing